Tea Estates

Namring tea estate is situated in the eastern part of Darjeeling district. It is an hours drive from Darjeeling town and 2 hours drive from Bagdogra airport.

Namring has a fabulous combination of tea bushes comprising of names like China (60%) Clonal (30%) Assam hybrid (10%). This marvelous combination generates some unique and exotic flavours in every cup of tea that Namring produces. The total plantation area is about 450 hectares and the lush greens are adequately irrigated with 75% of the estate being under self irrigation.

The Namring tea factory is situated at an altitude of 3000ft above sea level, and the highest point of plantation is situated at 5500 ft above sea level. Though it is one of the oldest and largest factories in Darjeeling it is upgraded with new technology constantly. Here 1200 metric tons of green leaf is processed and around 300 metric tons of tea is produced annually.

The Borokai Tea Estate is situated at Cachar and is known to produce the finest CTC tea in that area.

Along with producing orthodox leaf occasionally, this estate primarily produces 450 metric tons of CTC tea. The current plantation area is spread over 300 hectares and every year new plantation area is being developed to produce better quality tea. By the year 2020 we aim to produce 600 metric tons of tea at the Borokai Tea Estate.

Aylabari Tea Estate

The Company also has Aylabari Tea Estate in Cachar producing 250 metric tonnes CTC tea.
Apart from Cachar we produce 3200 metric tonnes of CTC tea in Doars.